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Scope Bible School acknowledges that the harvest is plenty, and yet acknowledges that the laborers in Christ’s vineyard are few; furthermore, it recognizes a limited understanding of God’s Word among Christians, including church leaders. Many individuals struggle to grasp the overarching narrative and historical context of the Bible, leading to fragmented knowledge and limited spiritual growth.

Our primary goal is to universally equip such laborers, including pastors and church leaders, with Biblical knowledge and tools that make the Bible more interesting, relatable, truthful, and accessible both online and offline. These tools encompass physical and digital Bible maps, virtual tours, audio Bibles, Study Bibles, and audio-visual material. Our curriculum is structured around the Salvation History Timeline, studied chronologically.

Classes are conducted in-person in Uganda and are also accessible online. The school is dedicated to impacting communities by nurturing a love for God’s Word, providing practical application, and inviting individuals, regardless of their faith level, to join a transformative journey of learning and discipleship. This commitment extends to Stand Up 4 Kids orphanage, where we instill a spirit of love for studying the Word in orphan children, fostering their growth with zeal for knowledge of God.

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